Let us answer your questions about Westminster Language Academy:

1. Who can I talk to for more information?

You can call or e-mail us today, and we would be happy to answer your questions!

  • Telephone: (425) 460-4041
  • E-mail: wla@westminster.org
  • Contact Form

2. My English is not strong.  Are these classes too difficult for me?

We have many class levels, from beginner to advanced.  We can find the right level for you!

3. How do I find the right level for me?

You can make an appointment to have a free English Evaluation. This short test helps us place you in the right group. It is not too difficult. In fact, some students think it’s fun! Make an appointment for an evaluation here.

4. How much do classes cost?

We try to make our classes inexpensive.  Our prices are calculated by the hour, based on a ten-week quarter. Additional charges for textbooks also apply.  Payment is due the first day of each quarter:

  • 4 hours per week =  $445 (~$11 / hour)
  • 2 hours per week =  $275 (~$13 / hour)

5. Is it okay to study only 2 hours per week?

We recommend 4 hours of class time each week because learning English is more difficult with only 2 hours each week.  However, we do allow students to sign up for one 2-hour class.  Although progress is a bit slower, students still learn a lot!

6. I am too late for the application date.  Must I wait until next quarter to begin studying?

We allow students to join classes throughout the quarter if the class is not full.  Contact us for more information.

7. I see that Westminster Language Academy meets at Westminster Chapel.  Are you a religious school?

While we do meet at a church, the Language Academy does not press any religious views on its students.  People from every background and every religion are welcome to come and learn!

8. Can you provide a student visa for me to enter the United States?

At present, we are unable to provide student visas.  However, we are looking into this possibility for the future.