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Westminster Language Academy began in 2006 with a single purpose: to offer high-quality, affordable English language instruction in a warm, caring environment.

Our care for the whole person is part of what makes us different.  We know that our students live busy lives, and we work to learn about their specific interests and needs—for their personal life, their work, and family.  Our greatest joy is to see people move toward reaching their dreams.

Another thing that makes Westminster Language Academy different is the warm, welcoming environment. Our teachers really care about their students, and students also come to care for one another. People come to us to learn English, and in the process they also make new friends.

Every teacher at Westminster Language Academy shares a love for learning and for serving our community.  We look forward to getting to know about you and your goals for the future.

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Westminster Language Academy Staff

Learn more about our teaching team

About Language Academy Director Leanna Busse

Leanna Busse

Leanna has been an ESL instructor for over 20 years, teaching a wide variety of students, from senior executives and business people in numerous branches of industry to university, elementary, and even preschool students. She has lived for extended periods of time in China, Germany, Brazil and The United Arab Emirates.

Leanna has a B.S. in Psychology and East Asian Studies from Valparaiso University and an RSA/CELTA certificate from International House, Hastings, England.

She enjoys quilting, singing, gardening, and camping with her family.

About Language Academy Instructor Mark Pedrin

Mark Pedrin

Mark has been teaching English for over twenty years. He enjoys working with people from many different backgrounds, and helping them to reach their personal goals.

Mark has a B.A. in English from Northwest University and a M.Ed. in Education from Seattle University. In addition to teaching in Seattle, he has taught English in Central Asia and India. He enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and watching great movies with his family.

About Language Academy Instructor Jessica

Jessica Klauder

Jessica has been teaching English to speakers of other languages since 2015. She has a B.A. in Communications from Villanova University and a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate from Liberty University.  Her desire is to help students of all backgrounds and abilities become confident, articulate English speakers. Jessica believes that with a growth mindset, every student can reach their language-learning goals and enjoy the journey. One of her favorite things about cross-cultural teaching is learning from her students about their culture and life experiences.

About Language Academy Instructor Elsa LaRandeau

Elsa LaRandeau

Elsa has been teaching English to speakers of other languages since 2001. She has taught students from all over the world and of all ages, from children to adults. She spent almost 7 years living in Central Asia, teaching English, training local English teachers, and learning local languages. Elsa loves to share with her English language students the strategies and methods that helped her in her own language study.

Elsa has an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and a MATESOL from the University of Washington.

She enjoys hiking, camping, permaculture gardening, deep conversations and homeschooling.

About Language Academy Instructor Melissa Goliath

Melissa Goliath

Melissa has taught English since 2016.  She holds a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate, and has taught in the States, as well as abroad in SE Asia.  She has compassion for those studying new languages, as she herself has had to learn a new language while living overseas.  Her desire is to help others improve their English language skills, while learning in a fun, personal, and engaging environment.

About Language Academy Instructor Don

Don Matheson

Don has taught English since 2022.  He holds a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate, and has taught through WLA. He has tutored ages 6 to 45, and having struggled studying a foreign language in college has empathy for those learning a new languages. His career in engineering gives him a perspective on the added challenge of speaking a new language in a technical and business environment. He also helps his students to understand the cultural influences unique to the United States and especially the Seattle area.

About Language Academy Instructor Caden


Caden has a B.A. in Architectural Design and has taught English in South Korea and America. She has a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate. She loves connecting with her students and supporting them in learning English for their personal and professional goals. In her free time, Caden enjoys yoga, running, and cafe-exploring. She is currently working on her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

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